• Nifty future sure shot is an unstable category of Indian stock market and can be easily provided to all the traders. In intraday market the research analysts of the company give accurate response on this service. Our firm has good records of nifty future and the clients can easily earn more money with this service. It is easy to commerce so all most Indian traders are like to commerce in nifty future. The company is giving 15-20 calls per month and on the base of per call 30 points increases and the accuracy of these calls are almost above 90%.


  1. Accuracy Above 95%
  2. Approx 1 Call On Daily Basis
  3. 100% Pure Intraday Calls
  4. Capital Required 50000/-
  5. 30-40 Points Profit In Intraday
  6. Monthly Charges 8000
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