• MCX Gold Silver jackpot is the another service of shri ram services. Gold and silver are that metals which are the mostly favorable of all traders and customers and these two metals are very expensive. So high risk is involved in these metals. By using this jackpot service people can daily get one call by the research team of our organization. This firm offers also gold and silver tips in MCX commodity bullion pack and provides 95% accuracy in these calls which should be on intraday basis. So if most of the people are good traders in these two types of metals the company gives best products to the customers in the market.


  1. Providing Gold and Silver Tips
  2. Accuracy Above 95%
  3. Monthly 12-15 Jackpot call + Normal pack Trading Calls
  4. Important Market Updates
  5. Monthly Charges 11000/-
  6. Calls Will Be Given Only On SMS,Phone & Chat Room
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